2022 Success - $32,000 Raised!

As 2023 is fast coming up I thought that I should talk about this year’s events and the future of our 2023 season. This year presented a number of challenges, but we were able to raise over $32,000. Chuck Smith and Godfrey Janisse from Kids Sport were presented with a cheque to make it possible for them to continue supporting children that may not be able to get involved in different sports throughout our community.

Pure Flavor, our title sponsor of Pure Kids Triathlon Series did a great job of promoting our kids' events, this was important as we were not able to host our kids' triathlons for two years which meant that many kids aged out of being able to participate. With Pure Flavor our Series Sponsor, Adventure Bay, WFCU Credit Union and John Max’s, each child who entered our triathlons received a great gift package.

What also helped us raise the funds was our partnership with The City of Windsor and our inclusion of Police Games and First Responders into our Movati Triathlon. Sponsorships as always play a large role in being able to raise funds. Once again with the support of area companies we were able to bring on board new sponsors such as WFCU Credit Union, Circle Of Seven and Movati our title sponsor of our adult triathlon.

As I announced at the conclusion of our event, I’m stepping down as director of events after 40+ years of helping to raise funds for The Hospice and Kids Sport. I’m proud to say we have able raise over $1,300,000 in all those years. Too many great people and sponsors to mention, but I must mention that we have a strong committee and with addition of a new Event Organizer and a few new people things should be good to go for 2023.

Family Support
Over all these year my family has helped me make our events be a success. Cathy, John Jr, Christina and Nicholas McKibbon plus Danielle and Bryan Edwards and our youngest grandson Jaxson, all have helped me over these many years.